Inspection and VA/FHA water analyses for real estate transactions

VA/FHA water analyses and Inspection for real estate transactions

Warning! Don’t Let This Delay Your Closing!

If the home you’re selling has a water well instead of a municipal water utility, your buyers’ lender may require an analysis of the water.

The absolute minimum requirements for VA and FHA contracts are fecal and total coliform bacteria, lead, nitrites and nitrates, as referenced in HUD Mortgagee letter 95-34. To quote;

“…If there are no local or adequate State requirements and standards for private wells, then water quality must be tested for lead and acute contaminants, including nitrates/nitrites and microbial contaminants such as total and fecal coliform and, if of local concern, other contaminants.”

It is important to plan! Laboratory results can take as long as long as twenty (20) business days.

If any water analysis fails to meet the requirements, there will be additional fees and waiting time for repeated analyses.

Are you selling a home have a private water well?

The lender may have special requirements.

Don’t get delayed!

Arrange for an inspection, service and water analysis today!

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The lender may have special requirements.

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