The Watershield SulfurBlock System

Sulfur & Iron Filters
Get the clean, refreshing water you deserve with the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system. Innovative in design, the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system provides a simple, effective solution requiring no chemicals or salt for regeneration. The blend of medias used effectively remove sulfur, hydrogen sulfide gas, iron, heavy metals, and other taste affecting contaminants. The media bed also reduces turbidity in your water and has properties which inhibit bacteria growth

Watershield Gold
The Watershield Gold SulfurBlock system is a single tank solution, taking up much less space than the unsightly contact tank and aerator tank solutions. Also, being a closed system, it does not have the unsanitary and algae growth problems that come with open air aerators. For a total soft conditioned water solution, team up the Watershield Gold SulfurBlock and Watershield Gold IronBlock systems and get great water.

Removes sulfur and iron and that "rotten egg" odor in a single solution

• No harsh chemicals
• No costly chemical pumps
• No unsightly contact tanks and unsanitary aerators

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