Well Pump Repair – Deltona, FL

Some homeowners in Deltona, FL may be experiencing a frequent on and off cycle of the well pump which is a sign that they are in need of a well pump repair service.  A well system consists of two major components: The well pump and well tank. While the well pump pumps water to your tank, the tank stores and pressurizes the water for delivery to your home. If the well pump hasn’t been inspected recently or hasn’t had a recent maintenance check-up problems can develop that can cause the pump to malfunction and frequently turn itself on and off. Also referred to as short cycling, our well repair service technicians have resolved this and other well related issues for Deltona, FL homeowners.

So how does this happen to begin with? Although there a number of possibilities the loss of air or water in the well tank due to a crack in the housing is one issue that can cause the well pump to begin short cycling. This can occur with both newer bladder and older non-bladder water pressure tanks. A small crack in the bladder or in the tank case can cause the water pump to continue short cycling as it tries to constantly fill the damaged tank with water.

Short cycling can also occur when the water pressure switch corrodes or otherwise becomes defective. Although this often indicates a failure of the water pump to turn on or off completely, instead of short cycling, still it can severely damage the pump switch or even cause malfunctions that lead to a short cycling of the well pump.

Sometimes, the water filter becomes clogged and restricts the flow of water between the pump, tank and the entire well tank system. When this occurs, it is essential to schedule one of our well pump repair technicians as soon as possible. A clogged water filter can cause well pump short cycling with a rapid on-off pump cycle that can result in serious damage to the water pump as well as the pump relay switch if not resolved quickly.

Other issues such as a frozen water tank; a blocked or obstructed pipe and a broken, closed or partially closed valve can also cause short cycling of the well pump. To protect the integrity of your well and to prevent further damage to the pump and tank, it is important for Deltona, FL area residents to contact our well pump repair service whenever they notice any changes or irregularities with the well water system.  Our well repair technicians have the training, expertise and parts to diagnose and repair all well related issues.

For more than a decade, Discount Water Supply has been providing expert and affordable well pump repair services for homeowners and businesses. To schedule a well repair service technician in Deltona, FL, contact us at 407-323-9010!