Why You Need Fast Well Repair Service to Save Your Water Pump in Orlando, FL

It can be a little disconcerting to say the least when you turn on the faucet to brew your morning pot of coffee only to find that there is no water coming out of the well or that the water pressure is so low that it is dripping out slowly. This is just one of the many signs that your well pump may be in need of repair in Orlando, FL.

Turning on a faucet and noticing low pressure despite having some water may indicate that your well pump or pressure tank needs repair. A pump which is not running at full capacity is likely to cause water pressure problems because it is not able to run efficiently to carry the water from the well into your home.

Among the first and most common signs that a well pump is experiencing trouble is when nothing comes out when you turn on the faucet. This is because, quite simply, water cannot escape the well if the pump is not in working order. But this doesn’t always mean you need a new pump. It could simply be clogged and once cleaned out by a well repair technician serving the Orlando, Florida area, it will begin to function normally again.

Also, a well pump that is either constantly running or cycling on and off can result in more costly repairs if the issue is not addressed right away. A pump with a bad sensor or faulty shutoff switch, for example, can make it difficult for water to get from your tank to your sink. You may even notice sudden spikes in your electric bill. Although frequent cycling can be an indication of a minor problem like a clogged tank, if it is not fixed, it can destroy the pump. 

When you contact Discount Water Supply for well repairs in Orlando, FL, our repair technician will respond quickly to troubleshoot the issue. We service most well pump brands and carry a large selection of parts on-hand to quickly and affordably fix just about any problem that may arise. Think your water well needs repair? For immediate service in Orlando, FL, contact us at 407-323-9010 today!