No Water is a Common Problem Requiring Well Repairs in Oviedo, FL

Having no water pressure when turning on the faucet is a common problem for homeowners in Oviedo, FL and it could be the first sign that a well pump is in need of repair. There may be a few possible causes of this problem, especially if your water source is a private residential well. Whether you own a shallow or bedrock well, water is drawn from within the Earth’s surface to your house with the help of a water pump. 

Malfunctions of a water pump can occur as a result of a blown circuit, a broken component or power outage. Sometimes, your water pump may stop functioning right after a thunderstorm. In this case, you can check to see if it was affected by lightning, which is somewhat common, especially here in Central Florida. When this happens, homeowners can start troubleshooting at the water pump power switch. Confirm if power is flowing to the system, and if not, then there could be a more significant problem with the system. In this case, it is best to contact a well water pump repair service that serves Oviedo, FL, like Discount Water Supply, to safely resolve the problem.

Because a short in the well pump often blows a circuit, it is important that you change the fuses or turn on and off the pump’s circuit breakers to check if they are at par. Water pump systems generally have two circuits tied together since an immersion pump is 240 volts. Ensure both circuits are on to help you check the number of volts that the water pump receives. A small water drizzle is one of the signs of a 240-volt pump receiving only 120 volts. Ideally, if a pump system keeps turning off yet it is not caused by a dry well; then its best to give us a call and let our well pump repair technician who services the Oviedo, FL area identify the cause and the required parts and labor to quickly, safely and efficiently have your pump delivering fresh water to your home again.

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